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“Word-Wonder”-Playing with Words
Grade-VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

This week one worksheet titled “Word-Wonder” was planned for the children of classes VI-VIII who solved it in their class-teachers presence in the classrooms. The worksheet consisted of many word-puzzles ,matching tasks gap-filling and such exercises which were given to strengthen the students vocabulary and language-aptitude ,but in a playful manner.


    Role Play on Honesty and Respect
    Grade- II-V   ...News & Updates

    Primary wing of Scholars was emphasizing on values this week .As a part of this , students of class IV – V had a role play on Honesty and Respect .It was a group activity wherein the students life. The theme  of the role play was honesty and respect .The students enacted those situations and provided solutions and the way they can cope up with those situation. The students thoroughly enjoyed the enactment and this activity infused in them the values of honesty and respect .


      Workshop on Importance of values
      Grade -ii -v   ...News & Updates

      A workshop on “ Importance of values” was conducted  for class IV & V on 21 April 2017.It was started by role play wherein the teachers  participated to make students understand the values better .Students also enjoyed the role play. After role play there was a ppt. on “Importance of value”. A worksheet related to the same was given to the students.


        Earth Day Celebration
        Grade-VI-XII   ...News & Updates

        On the eve of ‘Earth Day’ on 21st April 2017,Scholars Global School organized various activities like plantation, symposium and one special assembly in which information about the importance of Earth Day was delivered by the students of VI-A, Who also gave brilliant performances of song, poem recitation ,dance ,which were well coordinated with the thought of the Day.

          On 21st April 2017,a workshop with the tittle “Well begun is Half Sone” (A famous saying by Aristotle) was conducted for the students of classes VI,VII & VIII by Ms. Kanupriya in which she showed the students one video ,told two related stories and presented the theme with the help of one ppt. - all to inspire and motivate the students to start off every work with zeal and enthusiasm, so that the ending is always fruitful for them.


            Workshop on School Rules and Etiquettes
            Grade-II & III   ...News & Updates

            The students of class II and III had a workshop on school Rules and Etiquettes on  7th April 2017.This workshop majorly focused on the rules of the school, So that the students are aware of what is required of them with the help of power point each area of school was covered like-library rules ,uniform, leave and absence, bus rules etc. After the workshop a worksheet was given to the students to further reinforce the school etiquettes.                                                                        

              A workshop on school  Etiquettes and personal  Hygiene took place in the school auditorium for classes IV & V on 7th April 2017.The various school rules and the code of conduct for the school were discussed with the help of power  point presentation. These are essential as they help in the proper functioning of school and reinforces  the proper code of conduct required by an SGS student .The workshop also paid emphasis on importance of  personal hygiene and well bring in order to be good at academics  and  extra –curricular activities.

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