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MS Paint Competition
Grade - II- III   ...News & Updates



On Friday 28th July 2017 Ms. Paint Competition took place for class II- III students . The students participated with full enthusiasm and it showed in their painting. Ms. Anu Ahlawat and Ms. Vinita were judges for this Competition.


The winners for the Competition were :-


Class II


1st   - Gracy II-A                           Champions 

2nd - Tanishka II- A                     Achievers

3rd - Rajguru  - II-A                     Champions



Class III


1st -  Vishu                        III-C           Victors

2nd -  Dhroov                      III-C             Victors

3rd -  Yash Rathee             III-D             Champions


    Poster Making Workshop
    Grade - iv-v   ...News & Updates

    On 28th July the students had a workshop on Poster Making by MS. Neha and Ms. Reshu. In this workshop the students were informed about the key points by a power point presentation to make posters and made a note of these . This helped the students to prepare for the next level which would be there , which is poster making competition. The students were also shown sample posters for better clarity.


      Cyber Quiz Competition
      Grade- ix -xii   ...News & Updates

      An Inter Club Quiz which is a mind sport was organized  to make children look beyond their textual knowledge and established a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concept. Four teams of  four clubs comprising of 6 students participated in it. There were five rounds including M.C.Q., Ride through history of computers & internet, Right by eye , Rapid fire and buzzer round .Even audience participated and enjoyed it thoroughly.

      The result was:-

      1.       Achievers     - 1st

      2.       Champions  - 2nd

      3.       Victors          -3rd


        Show and Tell Competition for Class
        Grade- ii & iii   ...News & Updates

        Class II-III had an inter-club  Show & Tell competition on 21st July 2017.The preliminary was held prior to the main round for the selection of students. The students had to speak about  any object in their hand and describe it in an interesting way. The students chose creative things and spoke in an eloquent Manner. The students were confident and impressed the judges.


          Poster Making in M-S Word
          Grade - iv -v   ...News & Updates

          Class IV had an Inter-club Poster Making competition in M-S Word. The selected students had to create posters in M-S word on the topic. “Swach Bhaarat”. This the students ,had to do individually in the computer. The students created attractive and informative poster on the given topic. The winners were:-

          I-                    Chhavi     - IV- C          - Leaders

          II-                  Bhavya    - IV- C          - Champions

            Hriday     -  IV- D         - Champions

          III-               Admitya  - IV-D           - Achievers

           Mansi      -  V-D           - Achievers

           Varanya  -  IV-D          - Leaders

           Lakshay   - V-B            -  Victors




            Cooking Without Fire
            Grade- vi -viii   ...News & Updates

            “Cooking Without Fire” was the special Friday Activity organized and executed for the students of classes VI-VIII, today in Scholars Global School. In the last two period , the concerned class teachers made the students write the recipe of “Papaya Shakes”, Which they had shared with them, on A4 size-sheets. Then our teacher, Mrs. Vinita Shokhanda, demonstrated the recipe practically in front of the children who tasted and liked it very much. The students thoroughly  enjoyed today’s Friday Activity session and were very enthusiastic to try the recipe later at their homes.


              Grade- ix-xii   ...News & Updates

              Scholars GLobal School believes that maintaining good grades is important for every student but participating in co-curricular activities also reveal a great deal about their interests and their readiness for future ventures. Realizing the same ,the club-meetings were organised on 14th July '17.So as the club masters can share their vision & planning with their students. Club masters also guided the children about future activities and competitions which provide great opportunity to children to excercise & practice the leadership skills.


                French Dialogue Competition/Poem Recitation
                Grade- vi-viii   ...News & Updates

                Poetry is the essence of nature. It is the language of imagination and passion. French poem recitation Club Competition was held in School Auditorium on 14.7.17 i.e. Friday among classes from VI-VIII. The competition was aimed at instilling sense of aesthetic beauty into young minds. The students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. They learnt the correct pronunciation and values of voice modulation while preparing for this competition. All have recited wonderful poems in French language and the audience was spell bound by their performances. The winners were: I Rank- Akshita Malik - VII C (Achievers) II Rank- Disha - VII A (Champions) III Rank- Gungun - VII B (Victors) Consolation Prize: V Rank- Khushi Sangwan VIII B (Achievers) IV Rank- Vanshika VI A (Champions)


                  Best Out Of Waste Activity
                  Grade-II-V   ...News & Updates

                  Waste can be used in numerous ways and transformed into something creative. On Friday, 14th July an activity of Best out of Waste was conducted for classes II-V. Each class made separate useful items using the waste materials. Class II made photo-frames using ice-cream sticks, class III made pencil-stand using empty boxes of toothpaste, class IV-V made creative C-D holders using  old CD’s to keeping things intact. The activity helped children to use waste in a better way and boosted their creativity.


                    Club Meeting
                    Grade - vi -viii   ...News & Updates

                    Club Meeting for the students of classes vi –viii was held by the club masters of all the four clubs in SGS. The  club master briefed the children of their respective clubs about the upcoming events and competition that are going to be held this month. Two such upcoming events are- “A page from history- enactment” and “Geeta Shloka Chanting Competition” , for which participants were selected and guided. The children were again  reminded of the vision of their individual clubs vision after the vacation.


                      Respecting ours and others Personal space
                      Grade- ii & iii   ...News & Updates

                      On 7th July a workshop on Respecting ours and others personal space was conducting for classes ii & iii  to make the children aware of the importance of it and the need to respect each other space .The workshop included role plays based on different situations as well as a power point presentation ,followed by a worksheet.


                        Workshop on knowing an Author (Ruskin Bond)
                        Grade- iv & v   ...News & Updates

                        To make students aware of the English Literature, it is important to throw light on famous English authors. Keeping this in mind , a workshop on knowing  an Author took place for classes iv –v on 7th July and the author chosen was –famous children’s author Ruskin Bond .The students were shown a short biography of Ruskin Bond, followed by his famous story. “ The Tiger in the house.” A worksheet too was given which included famous events of Ruskin Bond’s life.      


                          Talent Hunt
                          Grade-ix-xii   ...News & Updates

                          Scholars Global School organized ‘Talent Hunt’ and provided a platform to students of classes IX-XII to bring out their inherent talents by enabling them to give a good account of themselves in realm of co-curricular activities .Three presentations from each club were given like-dance ,song,poem-recitation,stand-up comedy , acting, skit & folk dance .These  performances were judged by Mr. Prithvi , Mrs. Megha and Mrs. Megha and Mrs. Charupriya. The talent hunt helped the students to create self-disciplie, maintain stage consciousness self-expression by exploring their ingrained flair & forte. The position holders were:-

                          i)                    Jasmine ,Harsh Vashisht, Sachin & Chirag(Victors) & Nikita (Leaders)

                          ii)                   Aditya & Anjali (Achivers)

                          iii)                 Ayushi & Khushi

                            Audio On
                            "Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.~ Mwai Kibaki "