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Concept Race
Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

Students of class IV-V had an interesting and fun filled science concept race on 22Sep 2017.The questions were set from the syllabus of S.A 1 of science Concept Race consisted of 3 rounds. The various rounds consisted MCQ questions, fillups which revolved around digestive & nervous system parts .The winners of Concept Race were:-

 Class IV                                                                       Class V

Ist   Advita ,Vaibhav (4thC)                                         Daksh,Diksha(5thD)

IInd  Varenya, Vihaan(4th D)                                     Sagar,Sarah(5thB)

IIIrd  Aditya (4thA)                                                      Ravi,Ritik(5thC)





    Puppet Making Activity
    Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

    A puppet making activity was conducted for class II-III in their respective classes on 22 sep 2017.The Students were handed out cutouts  and they were instructed to assemble it. The students were excited and thrilled to make their own hand made puppets which they will use to tell stories.. 


      Geeta Shloka Chanting
      Grade VII-VIII   ...News & Updates

      It was the time for class VII&VIII to go for a healthy spiritual competition based on ‘Geeta Shloka’. Students chanted Geeta  Shloka club wise and left everyone spellbound. They enlightened every one with great religious devotion and the school ambience was filled with aesthetic spirits. The result of the competition is as follow:-

      First Position: Champions Club

      Second Position: Leaders & Victors Club

      Third Position: Achievers Club    


        Paper Quilling
        Grade-IV   ...News & Updates

        This Friday activity was filled with creative art work for class VI. They learnt ‘Paper Quilling’. A new chapter was added to their curious & creative mind. They made enormous attractive paper quilling designs on envelopes. Students enjoyed this art work to the fullest.

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