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Potter's Wheel
Grade VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

Clay is fascinating and it will lend itself to our skill level whatever that skill may be. However, clay is never boring and there is always  more to explore , more to try as well as more to create. With this intuition we conducted potter’s wheel activity for our children of classes VI-VIII. Students were shown and taught how to create and constructed different artifacts using clay on potter’s wheel. Students tried making different images on potter’s wheel. They enjoyed the activity and spread their wings of imagination.  


    Rangoli Making Competition
    Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

    It is the festive season of Diwali,and to celebrate the festivities on age long tradition is of making Ranglos. The students of class IV-V had an interclub Rangoli Competition on 13th October in the school corridor .The selected students from each club created their own colorful rangoli designs and decorated with flower petals and colours. The competition made the students prepare before hand hour to celebrate a crackerless Diwali.The judge for the competition was Mrs Parul Gupta mother of yashika  III A & Mrs Charu, the school art teacher.

    Class IV                                                                              Class V

    I Champions                                                                    I Leaders

    II Leaders                                                                          II Victors

    III Victors                                                                          III Champions


      Deepawali Craft Making
      Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

      Diwali is a time of celebration, and celebration requires decorations too. Students of class II-III had diwali craft activity on 13th  October in their respective classes.The students made colorful diyas with chart paper and decorated it.The students enjoyed the hands on activity and were delighted after making their own Diyas.


        Ramayan Saar
        Grade-IX-XII   ...News & Updates

        To use the magnum opus of Hindu mythology,the Ramayana as a medium for teaching Scholarites about  values and ethics, ‘Ramayan Saar’ activity  organized  for classes IX-XII. The activity  aimed at making children aware about all ‘Adhyayas of Ramayana’ Which demonstrated the importance of values such as loving and respecting your family keeping your promises, protecting the weak, keeping the promises, beware of bad counsel and so on. The summary of  Ramayana’s story was also given using the videos. The student got enlightened by having a glimpse into the great epic.


          Grade-VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

          This Friday students of classes VI-VIII enjoyed the most famous and mind equipping number game ‘Sudoku’ students got chance to play with numbers in a fun way by making their mind sharper and making calculation faster Sudoku sheet were distributed to each students and instruction of solving the puzzle was given.Students used their power of calculation and solved the Sudoku puzzle. This activity helped our children to increase their concentration by being mentally alert and being quick in calculation.


            Spell Bee Competition
            Grade-II-III   ...News & Updates

            The students of class II-III had an interesting inter-club Spell Bee competition  on 6th October 2017.The selected students from the preliminary rounds participated in the main round. The competition consisted of 4 rounds-the rapid fire, identifying words from pictures , unscramble words and word puzzle. The students were grilled to achieve the correct spellings.

            The winners of the competition were:-


            Victors- Vansh,Gauranshi Vishav, Ronak

            Achievers- Ishaan ,Priyadarshani, Dishita, Vinay

            Leaders- Siddhi,Tanya, Gaurav,Sujal

            Class- II

            Victors- Ananya, Nishita, Nakul

            Champions- Harshit, Jayant,Jaansi,Swastik

            Leaders- Jaywardhan,Anushka,Karuna


              Workshop on Dialogue Writing
              Grade-IV- V   ...News & Updates

              Student of Class IV had a dialogue writing workshop which made the students equipped with the knowledge about the types of dialogues and the rules for Spoken words. The students were informed about  the different ways to make a conversation interesting through dialogue making. After the workshop , the students were given two character /personality, wherein they draw and wrote funny conversation between the two .This workshop aimed at making the students imaginative and put words to their to their thoughts.

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