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Time Management Workshop
Grade IX-XII   ...News & Updates

‘Race against time is the everyday mantra we begin with. For helping the children in the strategic planning to utilize time, a workshop was conducted by Scholars Global School on 8th Dec’17 for students of class IX. Through power point presentation students were made abreast of how time management is important to efficiently and effectively move through the day. The students were given useful tips to handle the stressors of home& school that can be challenging for children. Children were made to learn time management through some fun activities & an interactive session.  


    TUX Paint Competition
    Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

    Tux Paint Competition was held for classes II-III on 8th December 2017 in the computer lab. The students had to create beautiful scenes in the computer using the tux-paint application. The selected students used the various design formats and created impressive artwork in computers. The judges of the competition were Ms Khyati (Digital Arts Teacher) and Ms Ritu Verma (PGT Computer).The judges appreciated the efforts of the students.


      Grade IX   ...News & Updates

      Along with a strong focus on academic material,Scholars Global School strives hard for training the brains of the youngster by engaging them in activities which aim to take out the best with in them .Keeping in mind the same,’Sudoku’ activity was organised for students of class IX to provide them opportunity to enhance their logical,critical and decision making skills. Students were provided the ‘Sudoku’ puzzles which they solved under the supervision of classteachers. By doing this activity,students analysed the connection between their actions and results and got themselves enriched.


        Football Match(Boys)
        Grade VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

        To make this weekend completely enjoyable with energy and zeal, Football Match was conducted among all clubs. High spirits could be seen on ground and a fantastic match was witnessed. Students played with full energy and enthusiasm. The spectators cheered the teams and boosted the spirits of participants. A friendly and healthy competition was observed.

        The result of the competition is as follow:

        1 Leaders

        2 Achievers

        3 Victors  


          Grade IV   ...News & Updates

          An engaging story telling session was conducted for class IV on Ist December 2017.The story telling was conducted by Ms Anjana in the A.V room. The story taken for the day was “The Happy Prince” a famous children’s story written by prominent writer Oscar Wilde. The theme revolved  around caring for others selflessly and helping others in need.The moral of the story was befitting for the students.The students were fascinated and engrossed in listening to the story. After the story telling session,the students were also shown a video of the story of the “Happy Prince”.    


            Storytelling Competition
            Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

            A story telling competition was held for classes II-III on 1st December ’17 in the A.V room. The participants were selected after a stage of preliminary round.The students were provided with four different stories clubwise. The twist of changing the ending of a popular story made it creative and helped the students to think out of the box. The students recited the story with confidence and enthusiasm .They made the story telling more vibrant by adding Props for their recital. The judges Ms Anjana,Ms Pooja for class II and Ms Aarushi and Ms Geeta for class III acknowledged the effort of students.


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