Scholars Global School has not only designed the premises with care, but also chosen its faculty meticulously looking for qualities like dedication, commitment and a passion to shape the students into a highly dedicated and disciplined set of citizens, who will make the world proud.

The teachers are highly experienced with strong subject knowledge and innovative teaching styles.

To make teaching more effective and learning simpler, the faculty uses Educomp smart boards installed in all the classrooms.

Teachers use a student-centric mode, which fosters confidence and development of aesthetic, social, critical and analytical skills through an integrated method.

Our Faculty members are :-

1. Ms. Niti Kumar (BBA, M.Com., B.Ed.)
2. Ms. Preeti Rohilla (B.El.Ed.)
3. Ms. Pooja Sharma (B.A., B.Ed.)
4. Ms. Anjana Lakra (BA, B.Ed.)
5. Ms. Kalpana (BA, B.Ed.,MA Edu.)
6. Ms. Anindita Ghosh (BA,N.T.T., M.A., B.Ed.)
7. Ms. Sangeeta Sharma (BA, M.A., B.Ed.)
8. Ms. Manali Sharma (B.Com (P)., B.Ed.,N.T.T.)
9. Ms. Gitika Dagar (B.El.Ed., MA Eng)
10. Ms. Pushpa Dalal (B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A. Eng.)
11. Ms. Geeta (B. Com (P),M.Com,B.Ed.)
12. Ms. Rekha Rani (BA, NTT, M.A. Hindi,B.Ed.)
13. Ms. Lalita Rani (B.Sc. (I.C.M.),B.Ed.)
14. Ms. Jyoti Kaushik (BA (Eng. Hons), MA (English), B.Ed.) 
15. Ms. Shruti Pandey (B Com (P),MCA, COPA)
16. Ms. Lalita Kumari (B.Ped,M.Ped)
17. Ms. Leena Sethi (B.Com, NPTT)
18. Mr. Mohit Mudgil (BA (Genral),M.Sc. (Maths),B.Ed.)
19. Mr. Sandeep Kumar (BA,B.LIS, B.Ed)
20. Mr. Sandeep   (Bcom Pass)
21. Mr. Kuldeep  (BCA)
22. Mr. Anil (10th Class)
23. Ms. Rajani Narula (B.A. (Pol. Sc.), B.Ed.)
24. Mr. Jishu (BA, Fine Art Diploma)
25. Ms. Sonam (B.A., B.ED., NTT)
26. Ms. Mamta Rana (B.A., MA (Pol. Sc.), B.Ed.)
27. Ms. Sarita Bhardwaj (B com., D.Ed.)
28. Ms. Manisha Dalal (BA,MA (Hindi), B.Ed.)
29. Ms. Jyoti Sharma (B.Sc,M.Sc., B.Ed.)
30. Ms. Manjeet (B.C.A. (Persuing) J.B.T.)
31. Ms. Tina Seth (B. Com,M. Com, N.P.T.T., B.Ed. Persuing)
32. Ms. Jyoti Narang (B.Com, J.B.T.)
33. Ms. Jyotsana (B. com,M. Com,B.Ed.)
34. Vinay Kumar (BA, MA)
35. Ms. Neha Narang (B.A. Eng.J.B.T.)
36. Ms.Charu Mahajan (B.SC., A level Dip. In Computers)
37. Ms.Sumeeta Gautam (M.A., B.Ed.)
38. Mr. Amarjeet (BA (pursuing), French certificate)
39. Mr. Rohtas Solanki (B Com (P), ITF level 2 coach)
40. Mr. Sunil (B.Ped)
41. Ms. Pooja Kamal (BA, MA)
42. Mr. Shubham Dixit (BA (pursuing), PDSP)

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