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Workshop on Inculcating Reading Habits
Grade-iv & v   ...News & Updates

A workshop was conducted by Ms. Anjana & Ms. Kalpana for class iv & v on Inculcating Reading habits in the Auditorium to instill in the students the love of reading. The importance of reading was emphasized in students life and the benefits of reading .A worksheet was also done by the students which focused on the reading skills.


    Food without Fire
    Grade- iv & v   ...News & Updates

    Food without Fire Activity was conducted for classes iv & v on 19th May 2017. The food prepared were Bread Chaat and Oreo shakes .Ms. Reshu and Ms. Geeta shared with the students the step to prepare the delicacies. The student enjoyed taking a bite of the food prepared.


      Poster Making on Drug Menace
      Grade- vi - viii   ...News & Updates

      On 19 May 2017, the students of class VI-VIII, participated in a poster-making events as a special Friday activity .The theme for the poster was “ Drug Menace” and the activity was organized to inculcate among children an awareness about the harmful effects of overuse of drugs or medicines and also its fatal consequences. Students participated in the events enthusiastically and made some very beautiful and meaningful posters with messages against drug menance.


        Heritage Quiz- 19th May 2017
        Grade - IX-XII   ...News & Updates

        An Interclub Heritage Quiz, which was an eye-opener for students to India’s rich culture and heritage, was organised by Scholars Global School on 19th May 2017. Four students from all four clubs who participated in this Heritage Quiz underwent different rounds (audio, visual, buzzer, rapid-fire rounds) that focussed to make children understand all that makes the identity of Indian civilization. The quiz gave a chance to interpret the past for the use of future and recognising contemporary traditions that affect the present and will influence the future. The idea of quiz was to create the correct awareness and message taken home was very relevant for scholarites. The result of quiz was:

        Ist- Achievers

        IInd - Victors and Leaders

        IIIrd - Champions


          Poetry Recitation Competition
          Grade - (iv -v)   ...News & Updates

          An interclub recitation was conducted for classes iv-v on 12th May 2017. The selected participants recited  the poems with clarity and rhythm. The poet chosen was Robert Louis Stevenson. The judges Mrs. Renu Chugh and Ms. Ann Vivin appreciated  the students confidence and overall presentation.

          Winner of the competition were:-

          Class IV-

          I-                    Aditya      IV-A

          II-                  Vihaan     IV-D

          III-                Advitya    IV-C,  Bhavya- IV-C,  Vatsal – IV-B

          Class V-

          I-                    Lakshay    IV-B

          II-                  JIya            IV-A

          III-                Lavanay    IV-B


            Interclub Cricket Match
            Grade- IX-XII   ...News & Updates

            Scholars Global School believes that sports develop a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. With the same belief an Inter club cricket competition was organized wherein teams of all four clubs participated & displayed their talents on the pitch. Champions and Achievers reached the final. Cricketers of Champions club looked comfortable on the crease and beat Achievers club by 35 runs. The entire competition was intense and all four teams amazed the spectators with their skills


              Knowing Poets- Workshop
              Grade- IX-XII   ...News & Updates

              As we all know that Poetry is a way to understand how language and symbol system work. So to make the scholarites of class IX – XII aware about this worthy expression of emotion or deep feelings and aesthetic sense of what is beautiful about the world, a workshop was conducted on the theme ‘Knowing Poets’. The resource person , Mrs. Anindita made the children aware about the poets of Romantic era, their life style, their literary works & the contribution to the literature. Vidhi ,Ayushi, Chhavi and Khushi recited beautiful and most famous poems of that era Children enjoyed knowing about literature thoroughly.


                Newspaper Reading Activity
                Grade- VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

                On 12th May 2017, a special academic growth oriented Friday activity was organized for the students took part in different activities based on newspaper reading  like – listening nouns and pronouns from an article, picture-based games where they were asked to name the famous personalities and so on. These activities were designed to inculcate among children the habits of reading newspaper daily to acquire knowledge while making it a fun activity .they enjoyed the exercises thoroughly.


                  Story Telling session
                  Grade- II & III   ...News & Updates

                  The students of class II- III were actively engaged in the story telling session which was held on 5th May 2017 in the A.V room. The teachers enacted the story “ The Ginger Bread Man” using props. The students thoroughly enjoyed the story enactment .Later the students  through a group activity sequenced out the story events which were given in the chits . The students learnt the art of sequencing the story.


                    Poem Enactment
                    Grade- vi-viii   ...News & Updates

                    The brilliant students of classes vi- viii participated in a poem enactment competition in the Friday Activity period, which was held at school auditorium. The theme of the competition was the “Labourers” – and the peom and the enactment were based on the Labourer’s contribution to the society .The Victors club secured the first position in the competition followed by Leaders, Achievers and Champions clubs.


                      Summer Drinks
                      Grade- xi -xii   ...News & Updates

                      For students of classes IX –XII, the Friday activity was a special one, which they enjoyed, to the fullest ,in participating it was preparation of mocktails and different summer coolers ,where students tried their hands on making different concoctions and mixed various fresh seasonal ingredients –the result of which were a number of colourful and refreshing glasses of mocktails and summer drinks. Students were very enthusiastic and ecstatic while serving their glasses of the summer coolers to their friends and teachers. 

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