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Book Cover Design
Grade IX-XII   ...News & Updates

The ‘Book Cover Design’ activity based on the theme of biography of freedom fighters war organized on 18th aug 2017 for students of classes IX to XII with intention to mobilize children to participate actively in promoting books and reading. Students using visuals and catchy titles gave wings to their imagination & creativity and came up with beautiful book covers. The activity allowed them to express their style and personality along with dissemination of knowledge. 


    Concept Race
    Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

    The students of class II-III had a fun filled concept race on 18th August 2017 in the school ground .It was not only a fun race, but informative too. The students of class III had concept race based on addition, they had to solve various addition questions   and also cross the hurdles to win the competition. The topic chosen for class II was “Trees –our friends”. They had to cross hurdles, along with that they  had identify leaves of trees ,and its uses to complete the race .The race re-inforced the conceptual knowledge through an activity in a fun manner.   


      Hindi Debate Competition
      Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

      An inter –club Hindi “Vaad-Vivaad Pratiyogita” took place for students of class IV-V on 18th August 2017 in the A.V room. The selected students who were chosen after the pre-liminary round participated in the main competition.  The students spoke well for both for and against motion of the assigned topic. They cited apt and useful examples and evidence to support their opinions.


        Vermi Composting
        Grade VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

        A workshop on Vermi composting was conducted from classes VI to VIII in 7th & 8th period. In this workshop , a brief explanation was given to students about ‘Vermi-composting’. It is a process where we use earthworms to turn into organic wastes into very high quality compost. Students were asked to bring organic waste. The students learnt about caring for the environment and what happens to our garbage through hands on experience of composting. The students have made bedding for vermicomposting with the help of piece of paper and cardboard then they spread organic waste ,watered it & layered it with soil and worms for vermi-composting. Students made bedding for vermicomposting with the help of pieces of paper and cardboard then they spread organic waste from kitchen and pour some water on this then they  covered it with a layer a soil mixed with water for vermicomposting in shaded area. . They have dug a pit in school ground and  followed the steps for vermi composting.  At last, they were asked to fill worksheet on basic of their understanding.   


          Folktales of a state
          Grade iv-v   ...News & Updates

          Folktales are stories that are spread by word in different states. The students of class iv-v had an activity of Folktales of state on 11th August. The teachers read a folktale story “The Wishing Tree” which was an interesting one. After the reading of the story, the students enacted the story in groups.    


            A page from History
            Grade-vi-viii   ...News & Updates

            ‘A page from history’ competition was conducted in SGS among all clubs. The theme for this competition was Mughal Emperors. All the performances sent shivers of excitement down the spine. These roles play a very important role in keeping a link with our heritage. All teams did a wonderful job.

            Congratulations to all winners!

            Leaders and Victors bagged 1st position.

            Champions bagged 2nd position.

            And Achievers bagged 3rd position.     


              Nukkad Natak
              Grade ii-iii   ...News & Updates

              The students of class ii-iii had a workshop on Nukkad Naatak in the A.V Room on 11th August.The students were shown the videos of how Nukkad Naatak/Street Play happens and what needs to be kept in was an informative workshop and students learnt how to perform with feelings and have a social issue to bring forward through their street play.This workshop would surely help them in future when they will perform on stage.


                Dictionary Drill Activity
                Grade- vi-viii   ...News & Updates

                Today in the Friday Activity periods, classes vi-viii enjoyed Dictionary Drill. The activity was planned to enhance the pupils’ vocabulary and to inculcate among them the interest and habit of using dictionary on a regular basis. The activity was carried out through a worksheet given to each scholarite which  they solved enthusiastically with the help of their dictionaries. They enjoyed the activity thoroughly.


                  Poster Making Activity
                  Grade- iv &v   ...News & Updates

                  On 4th August the students of class IV-V had a poster making activity. The students were divided in to groups of 3 and each group had to make separate posters. The theme for the activity was  Freedom, not freedom from Britishers , but what they perceive by the term “Freedom” and what it means to them. The students created colourful and attractive posters. 


                    Rakhi Making Activity
                    Grade-ii & iii   ...News & Updates

                    To celebrate the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan, class II-III made hand- made raksis using the decorative materials on 4th August in activity period . The students were excited to make rachis and were enthusiastic  to celebrate this special day by preparing in advance.


                      Science Is Fun
                      Grade- IX-XII   ...News & Updates

                      ‘Science is fun’ activity was organized for students of class ix-xii to make them understand important concepts through fun-filled activities. The kids got new opportunities to discover completely new facts by preparing various projects like-Hydraulic lift, full wave rectifier, Dc current generator, earthquake alarm and solar panel etc. The inauguration of the exhibition was done by the Principal Mrs. Poonam Saxena .She applauded the efforts of both Teachers and students. The audience also observed and examined the projects closely and quenched their queries by putting up relevant questions. Somveer ,Ishika ,Aryan,Aditya ,Veer,Vidhi,Nikita , Vedant, Dhruv Saini and Harshit were among the young minds who displayed their prowess through their projects.

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