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Basketball Match(Boys)
Grade-IX-XII   ...News & Updates

To foster the love of world’s most popular and widely viewed sports ‘Basketball’ Scholars Global School organized ‘Inter Club Basket’ Matches on 19th Jan’18. The Inter-club Basketball matches which were much awaited brought impressive performances from the participants. The semifinal matches were played between Victors and Champions and Achievers and Leaders. Players of Achievers and champions made out to finals and they stepped into the court to set it ablaze with speed, endurance, magical footwork, dribble 3 pointer shots& much to the audience-excitement a nail-biting finish. Players of champions beat their counter parts by 4-0 and grabbed the first position.


    Poem Recitation Competition
    Grade (II-III)   ...News & Updates

    On 19th January 2018, a poetry recitation competition was conducted for class II-III in the A.V room. The students were given the poems to recite which they had learnt. The students recited the poems with clarity and rhythm. The judges of the competition were Ms Ann and Ms Shatabdi for class II and Ms Geeta and Ms Sarita for class III. The winners were selected from each class. The poetry recitation competition focused on the memorization and the importance of poems in English Literature.


      Indian Constitution Quiz
      Grade VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

      To ensure the overall development of our children and to enhance their memory, quick thinking and instant ability of recalling we conducted ‘Quiz Competition’ for classes Vi-VIII on the topic ‘Constitution’.

      It was an inter-club competition and all the participants were well prepared & showed their efficiency in attempting all the three rounds. There was a great motivation from the audience side as well.

      Result of the Competition is as follow:

      First Position:  Achievers

      Second Position: Leaders

      Third Position: Champions

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