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Puppet Making Activity
Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

On 21st September 2018, the students of class II-III had puppet making activity in their respective classes. Puppets are great for imaginative play, and can be used over and over for storytelling fun. Making puppets is just as fun as playing with them. The students created their own puppets by using cupcake methods, cut out papers, etc. The students enjoyed the activity and made the puppets by following the teacher’s instructions.


    Skating Competition
    Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

    Roller skating is the perfect way to combine fitness with fun. The children of this generation are really the first to group in the age of fitness. For this the students of class IV-V had a skating competition on 21st Sep 2018 in their Friday Activity Period. The competition was done in two rounds- one for class IV and the other for class V. Skating coach Mr. Kailash conducted the rounds for selection of the winners. The students were agile and swift in skating and participated enthusiastically in the roller skating race. The audience cheered and clapped to motivate the participants.


      Newspaper Reading Activity
      Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

      On 21st Sep, Newspaper Activity was conducted as part of Friday Activity for classes VI-VIII. Newspapers are a useful tool for improving reading skills and enhancing students’ knowledge of current affairs. Learning can be made fun with the help of newspapers as there are various fun activities which can be made part of class curriculum for eg. ‘Find it fast’, ‘true or false’, ‘Summarize’. Such activities enhance students’ vocabulary, general knowledge as well as inculcate reading habits.


        Maths Quiz
        Grade VIII-IX   ...News & Updates

        The Math’s quiz tests one’s knowledge of significance of mathematics in our day to day life from finance to culture, religion to entertainment, in almost every aspect of life. Math’s Quiz was conducted as Friday activity for class VIII. Students were divided into groups according to their clubs three rounds of formulas; equations and general mathematics were conducted. Students enthusiastically participated in the competition.

        The result of the competition is-

        1st Position     -       Achievers

        2nd Position   -       Victors & Leaders

        3rd Position    -      Champions

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