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Newspaper Activity
Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

On 13th July, Newspaper activity was conducted in the last 2 periods in classes VI-VII. After a hectic day, reading about the whereabouts of the world, enhanced students’ knowledge as well as relaxes their mind. It makes learning fun and also helps in inculcating reading habits amongst the students. Some of the teachers used newspaper for augmenting Grammar skills of student; some used it for exploring Geography, while others used it as Dictionary for enhancing vocabulary of students. Doing activities like Sudoku & puzzle etc., tickled the mind of students. It was an effort to nurture newspaper reading habit in students. 


    Grade VIII-IX   ...News & Updates

    To enhance the expression with a figurative meaning and to amplify messages in a way that draws readers & awaken their senses, scholar conducted Idio-Melange activity for class VIII. An idiom bank consisting of idioms and phrases was given 2 weeks ago for preparation. This Friday, a test based activity sheet consisting of various types of Idiom-Phrases was given. Students engrossed themselves in the activity whole heartedly.


      Doha Gaayan Competition
      Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

      Dohas in hindi play an important role in providing a lyrical verse format and were extensively used by Indian poets like Kabir, Tulsidas and Rahim. These dohas have deep meanings in itself.  To make our students aware about Dohas and their meanings, the students of class IV-V had a Doha Gaayan Competition on 13th July 2018. The Selected students after the conduction of preliminary round, performed in the final round. They recited the dohas and explained its meaning. The judges of the competition were Ms Bhawna and Ms Madhvi from the Hindi Department. The students were poised and confident and recited the dohas expressively.

      The winners of the competition were-

      Class IV 

      Vishav (IV C) -       1st

      Jatin (IV C) -             2nd

      Archit (IV A) -          3rd

      Bhavik (IV B) -         3rd

      Class V A

      Saaransh              1st

      Rakhi                    1st

      Nischay               1st

      Niharika(V B)      1st

      Chhavi(V B)         1st

      Akshita (V A)       2nd

      Vatsal(V C)          2nd

      Vihaan(V A)         3rd



        Show and Tell Competition
        Grade- II-III   ...News & Updates

        Class II-III had an interesting Show & Tell Competition on 13th July 2018 which was conducted in the auditorium. The students had to speak on the object ,they had in their hand. The students had interesting objects with them and spoke dauntlessly. The judges of the competition were Ms Aanchal and Ms Manali. This competition was aimed at enhancing students speaking skills, confidence and out of box thinking..

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