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English Poem Recitation Competition
Grade VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

Poetry Recitation competition was organized for classes VI-VIII as part of Friday Activity. Students participated with full Zeal & enthusiasm. Our school trees to provide all possible platforms to its students for honing their skills. Some of the students faced an audience of this size for the first time and showed execellent confidence & performance. Students recited some of the popular poems of writers such as Wordsworth, victor Hugo, Blake etc. Mrs. Sonia Malik & Miss Anjana judged the competition & declared the result which is as follows

Suhani (Champions) - I

Anshi (Champions) – II

Gungun (Victors) - III

 Jayent (Achievers), Diya (Victors) & Chetanya of (Champions) were given consolation prizes


    Cyber quiz
    Grade VIII-IX   ...News & Updates

    It is very important to feel safe when one is working online as we are vulnerable to a cyber-attack. As students are more prove to the usage of internet they should have better knowledge of cyber world. To make our students become more informative in cyber security, cyber quiz activity was conducted to understand common internet safety risks and best practice to reduce these. Quiz was conducted in three rounds-first round was abbreviation rounds, second round was logo identifying shortcut keys & general awareness. Students came with a lot of preparation and information and performed well in the quiz. Audience also gained lot of information in the field of cyber security & other details related to internet.

    The result of the competition is

    1st Position- Victors club

    2nd Position- Champions club

      India is known as the land of many festivals. These festivals are celebrated throughout the country with vigor and enthusiasm. But these festivities and celebration often harm the environment, so to keep the nature’s aspect in mind a workshop for classes IV-V was conducted on Celebrating festivals in Eco-Friendly Manner on 12th October 2018. The workshop briefed the students on hour festivals should be celebrated, where the essence of the festivals is not affected and the environment is also not harmed. The various methods like using mud idols for Ganpati Visarjan, and using eco- friendly colors for Holi, etc.The students learnt diverse ways to celebrate the festivals and were committed to use them in future.


        Spell Bee Competition
        Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

        Spelling is an integral part of English language teaching. To enhance the spellings of the students and to have a better grasp at the spellings, an inter-club .Spell Bee Competition was conducted for class II-III in the A.V room on 5th October 2018. There were various rounds prepared to test the mastery of spellings. These included rounds like power spell, unscramble the word, complete the word, and word maze. The participants were excited and enthusiastic and worked as a team achieves the correct spellings. The winner club of the competition was

        Class VIII                                                      Class II

        1st Victors                                                     1st Champions

        2nd Champions                                            2nd Victors


          Poetry Recitation Competition
          Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

          Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words- Robert Frost. A poetry recitation competition was held for classes IV-V on 5th October 2018 in their Friday activity period. Recitation actually means recreation of poems and it is one of the most important and effective mode of learning a language and appreciating a piece of literature. The selected students from each class recited the poem, working on their voice articulation and gave expressions to their words. The judges of the competition were MS Jyoti kaushik (HOD of English department) and Ms Geeta. The students were well prepared and spoke with confidence and poise. The winners of the competition were-

          Class IV                                                             Class V

          1st Archit IV A                                             1st Kezal V C

          2nd Bhavik IV B                                           2nd Chhavi V B Parth V C

          3 Vanshika IV B                                          3rd Bhavya V B Neharika V B 


            Heritage Quiz
            Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

            Heritage quiz was organized for classes VI-VII on 6th Oct as part of Friday Activity. Such activities enhance historical knowledge of the students side by side making them abreast with their cultural roots. There were four rounds to judge the students, including buzzer round, rapid fire round etc. In this competition-

            Victors Club -1st

            Champions Club- 2nd

            Leaders Club- 3rd 

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