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Road Safety
Grade VIII-IX   ...News & Updates

Children and young people are at significant risk on our roads. Road safety education plays an important role in shaping the attitude and behavior of children and young people ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. To make our students abreast with all the safety rules of traffic, Road safety Quiz was conducted .  It was a club wise quiz competiton in which students were divided into teams and various rounds were held. Students were found to have adequate knowledge of traffic rules as they answered the questions very promptly and audience too gained information about traffic rules and road safety.


First Position-                               Second Position                 Third Position

Hemant Achievers 9B                 Anisha Victors 9A                  Yashdev Victors 8B

Vidhi Achievers 9B                      Arjun Victors 9 B                   Yash Victors 9 B

Anshul  Achievers 8B                  Yashika Victors8B                  Nikhil Vctors 9 B     

Prerna Achievers 8B                   Akshita Victors 8B                 Suhani Victors 8 B



    Newpaper Activity
    Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

    On Friday , 25th May, Newspaper Activity was being conducted in classes VI-VII as a part of Friday Activity. Newspaper is the most widely used Media and also an important instrument  in the classroom. In our school, we believe in inculcating habits amongst our students which would benefit them, even in long run. Newspapers helps in bridging the gap between the classroom & the “real” world. So, in this activity, teachers encouraged the students to read certain excerpts which will improve their knowledge as well as vocabulary. Then, some of the excerpts were used as a English Paragraphs & the students tried to single out, different parts of speech from them. Towards the end of the session, the students relaxed their minds by doing some fun activities like Soduku, quiz etc.


      Make your own notepads
      Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

      A homemade notepad is a great tool that is cheaper than a store brought notepad. The students of class II-III created their own personalized notepads on 25th May 2018 in their activity periods. This was conducted in their respective classrooms. The students were first instructed on how to make the notepad by their class teachers and then following the instructions they made it too. The students also learnt a new way to use the waste papers by converting them into notepads. The students were really happy with the end product of their effort which was a colorful and useful notepads.

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