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H.W Magnet Board (Planner) Activity
Grade IV & V   ...News & Updates

Students need to learn the art of organization and management skills. The homework magnet board activity which was conducted on 25th Jan’19 for classes IV-V in their respective classes helped the students learn to make their time-table & fix it in a place where they can see it. The students did the work individually and decorated the magnets beautifully. The homework magnet board idea would help the students to be better organized for their upcoming exams.


    Waves of changes celebration
    Grade VIII   ...News & Updates

    A workshop was conducted for class VIII which casted the changes took place in India so far in all aspects. Students were briefed about the major changes took place in Indian society, Indian Economy & Indian Constitution. Students were made to speak about the major changes they observed in themselves. The workshop was very informative as the students got to know new terms GDP, secularism, Federalism etc. and the impact of their implentation.


      Word Wonders
      Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

      Word Wonders Activity was conducted in classes VI-VII which focused on building up the vocabulary and cognitive traits among the students. They were given a worksheet which forced them to ponder and think. This would help them to improve their vocabulary as they would use and read new words in fun way. The activity was conducted in their classes itself in the guidance of their class teachers.


        Deshbhakti Kavita Gayan Pratiyogita
        Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

        Patriotic poems infuse in the students the love and respect for one’s country. As we approach India’s Republic Day, the students of class IV-V had an inter-club Deshbakhti Poem Competition on 18th Jan’19. The purpose of the competition was to make students take pride in one’s origin and work for the prosperity of nation. The students recited of the poem with conviction and zeal. The judges for the competition were Ms Rekha (HOD Hindi) and Ms Madhuri. The spirit of patriotism is important for understanding the true value of Independence and patriotic poems for kids are the best means to do so. The winners of the competition were-

        Akshita (Achievers)              VA          First Position

        Avni       (Achievers)              V D         First Position

        Mahim (Champions)            IV D         First Position

        Ipsha     (Champions)           IV A          First Position

        Pragati  (Champions)           IV A           First Position


        Aditya  (Leaders)                  V C          Second Position

        Parth    (Achievers)              V C           Second Position

        Bhavik  (Achievers)              IV B          Second Position

        Shaurya (Victors)                  IV D          Second Position


        Twinkle (Victors)                   V B          Third Position

        Vishav (Victors)                     IV C         Third Position

        Yashika CChampions)           IV A         Third Position


          Concept Race Competition
          Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

          Building of Maths concept is essential for students in their formative years. Concept Race can help students to learn and apply the knowledge by play-way method. The students of class II-III had a Maths Concept Race on 18th Jan’19 at the school ground. The participation from each class had a race in which they were faced with hurdles of questions related to basic mathematical skills like addition, multiplication  & subtraction. The students proficiently solved the questions and completed the race, competing with each other. The winners of the race were-

          1st Jaivardhan (III Canaries)

          2nd Karuna (III Doves)

          3rd Raghav (III Robins), Shanaya (III Swans)

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