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Potter's wheel
Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

Pottery is an activity which induces creativity relaxation and serves therapeutic purpose for all. So this activity was organized for classes 6th to 7th to cater to their imagination and provide them some relaxation. Students really enjoyed making different things and different shapes from clay. The resource person taught kids how to work on the wheel, students really enjoyed it and some of them were successful in making extraordinary shapes like pots and peacock etc. 


    Chandelier making
    Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

    Chandeliers are large decorative hanging lights with branches for several light bulbs or candles. The students of class II-III had chandelier making activity on 2nd Nov 2018. The enthusiastic students used Old CD’s decorative materials to create their own chandeliers. The excitement of Diwali doubled as the students made decorations of Diwali in the form of chandeliers. 


      Poem Writing
      Grade VIII-IX   ...News & Updates

      Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and it takes its origin from emotions recollected in tranquility-William Wordsworth

      To teach the art of Poem Writing, Poem Writing workshop was conducted for class VIII students. Students were told about various ways of writing a poem by giving simple tips to be kept in mind. They were also told how one can become creature and innovative in Poetry Writing skills. Students were given preface of some poets about how they started writing the poems and techniques/creativity that can be applied. At end of the session, students were made to write a poem on their choicest topic.


        Diwali is the festivals of lights, but bursting excessive crackers during Diwali has lots of harmful effects on the environment. On 2nd Nov, 2018 the students of class IV-V had poster making activity on the topic Say No to Crackers. The students had this activity to create awareness among them and the others to not burst crackers. The students made colorful and apt posters on the given theme. These were later displayed in the classes.

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