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Poem Recitation Competition
Grade X-XII   ...News & Updates

Scholars Global School always provides the children the freedom of the expression of thoughts making them participates in various school activities. An Interclass poem recitation competition for classes 10th to 12th was organized on 27th July’18 on the theme ‘Respect towards Senior Citizens’. The participants exhibited their prowess in oratory skills and gave a tough competition to each other. Nikita Dhariwal from XII, laksh from XI and Veer from class X grabbed first positions in their respective categories, the event ended with a message to respect the senior citizen as they are a boon to society.


    Movie Time
    Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

    Rain played spoil sport, as the skating competition was postponed due to the weather condition. The students were given a treat of watching an educational award winning movie name’ my home is Green on 27th July’18 in their Friday Activity Period. The movie tells the poignant tale of two tiny creatures –an ant and a caterpillar; it showed the metamorphosis of a caterpillar the relationship which builds among the two characters. The movie time was enjoyed by the students and provided a refreshing break from daily studies.


      Summer Cooler Drinks Activity
      Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

      The students of class II-III learnt making a refreshing drink in their activity period on 27th July 2018. The students were shown how to make refreshing watermelon drink by their teachers. The students observed the procedure of making this drink. After making it, the students wrote the recipe of the drink in their recipe card, carefully writing the ingredients and the procedure. This activity helped them in learning the concept of sequencing.


        Story Writing-From Ant's perspective
        Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

        Change of perspective can change your whole life; it can either be for best or worst. In this workshop students were taught the importance of perspective and how they should not judge someone, until, they haven’t walked in their shoes. Then the students were shown a small video clip. After getting some basic tips about change of perspective, students wrote stories. This workshop was conducted for students of class VI-VII by Miss Kusha & Miss Sonia .

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          "Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself. ~ Lucille Ball "